We’re excited to see so many fans downloading and using the app!  We’ve had lots of great feedback and some brilliant user comments including the following:

Best app ever created 
The app is a miracle. It’s a dream come true. The app is better than all social networking sites (in my opinion) and is fun. It makes me interact with RHPC and Ryan and feel more closer to them. I learn more about them. The app is wonderful, the best app created, and deserves not 5 stars, but over 9000 stars.
-Lamp Girl-

Wow, this is crazy! 
Just to think, the other day I was on my iPhone checking my Twitter and playing clash of clans until I found Ryan’s latest video. He made an app and I downloaded it. I was expecting a dorky little app like all the others, but this one…. THIS ONE, changed my life. Having the ability to have the whole nigahiga crew in your pocket, just a crazy idea! It’s been nearly 6 hours now and I can’t get off the app, it truly is the best app. I hope this app changed your life just like it did mine.
Jonny Monty

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